When I embark on a psychedelic journey myself, I am fortunate to experience everything. I see visuals, taste music, see music, feel deeper than ever before, have unity experiences, see colors far beyond this world, and connect with a profound inner knowing that nothing can shake, even years after the experience. I believe that...

I believe that I get to experience everything so that I can better guide people in their own journeys. I know where they are, what they're feeling, and I understand what they mean when they say they taste or see music. Not everyone has these experiences. Some people only have a few or one of these aspects during their journey. Does that mean the use of the plant medicine is not optimal or even a failure? Absolutely not. Mama knows best! In other words, Mother Nature knows what you need to progress. Just like with yesterday's client.

I had neatly made the bed for my client. No visuals, nothing... just a different feeling. The client lay there, seemingly still. After lying on the bed for 1.5 hours, the client asked, "Can I come sit with you?" Of course, it's your journey, I replied. And then it happened. For the first time after experiencing significant traumas, the client made a connection with emotions. Mind and emotions were united in that moment. The child and the adult became one again. A stream of words followed. All the questions the client had asked beforehand were answered in the four hours that followed. Everything came from the client themselves. I only had to reflect, provide feedback, share what I noticed, guide if they wandered off track, and be present. There was a highly charged energy in the room. It was magical!

I have never had such an active role in guiding someone who has taken a plant medicine. This is why private ceremonies are the most beautiful ceremonies for me. I can fully adapt to the client's needs, and nobody is bothered by it. If it had been a group ceremony, the client wouldn't have had the space to journey in this way.

After the client went home and I was lying in bed, when I closed my eyes, I experienced the visuals that hadn't been present that evening. Wow! And all this while I take 0.0 plant medicine when I'm facilitating. ????

Love my job! I am blessed!