Tripping every week?

Some people think that I am under the influence of mushrooms, truffles, LSA, or ayahuasca on a weekly basis. Nothing could be further from the truth! For me, a journey with plant medicines is a sacred matter that I approach with great respect. It is not something I casually undergo. I literally feel from within when I am "ready" for a truffleceremony. When I can delve deeper into resolving blockages and issues that no longer serve me. This means that sometimes I go months without undergoing a ceremony myself. In fact, if I decide (the ego) that it is time for a ceremony but the mushrooms or truffles disagree, I become physically nauseous and feel a strong resistance to taking any plant medicine.

People who, like me, have undergone multiple ceremonies with plant medicines understand when I say: the plant calls to me... I know it sounds vague, but that's how it works for me and for many of my friends. When that happens, I know that I will undergo another ceremony.

But don't you take a small dose of truffles when you guide someone? No, I don't take anything myself when I guide others. I know that some people do, and I understand why. However, I have become so connected to the energy of plant medicines and the guidance process that I can sense what is happening during a ceremony without ingesting anything myself.

A ceremony that I undergo personally continues to work within me for weeks. So if I were to take plant medicines on a weekly basis, I would disrupt the process that follows a ceremony and not allow it to properly integrate into my life.

Be light, be love.

Jeroen Essers

Being safe!

When you are about to take truffles for the first time and have no prior experience with plant medicines, you're asking a lot of yourself. For years, you've managed to maintain control over your life, which has helped you get to where you are now. But now you also realize that this approach won't take you any further. Unresolved matters have been neatly tucked away in the cabinets of your mind, with the doors securely locked. Neat and tidy! And now you've decided to take truffles in complete surrender, letting go of control to address these issues. Or maybe not? Because if it were that easy... you would have done it already.

For some people, taking truffles is a huge step. For the first time in their lives, they want to surrender to what is to come. That's already a significant step. On top of that, they're doing it with someone they hardly know or don't know at all. That's another major step, especially if their trust has been betrayed in the past. The individuals who come to me are placing themselves in a vulnerable position. I am highly aware of this, and I handle it with great care.

Occasionally, someone may struggle to fully surrender during the truffleceremony. There you are, lying on a mattress, vulnerable, with a stranger. Due to negative past experiences, you have learned that being vulnerable is not safe! And a sense of safety is exactly what you need for complete surrender. Safety is the key to letting go. When people block or sabotage their own ceremony, they are often disappointed. They haven't been able to experience all the beautiful stories they've heard. I ask them to look at what they have gained instead.

The fear of the unknown and/or the fear of what lies behind the doors of your mind can be so overwhelming that you want to feel completely safe before opening those doors. As a result, the first ceremony can sometimes be entirely focused on establishing a foundation in life: feeling safe. Safe with me, safe with the plant medicine, and above all, safe within yourself!

Jeroen Essers