About us


Therapiehond Alma, ongetwijfeld ons meest opvallende teamlid

Our most notable team member is our therapy dog Alma. Alma means “Soul” in Spanish. When she was 4 months old, she travelled from Ibiza to join Jeroen. From that moment on, she regularly accompanied Jeroen to visit clients that Jeroen supervised. Everyone immediately noticed Alma's calmness. Even though she was only a 4 month old puppy at the time. Even then, the role Alma played with the clients was astonishing. She empathised with people flawlessly. Knew when to lie down with clients in order to comfort them, when to make people laugh, or when to give people space. So when Jeroen founded Endless Transformation, he knew that Alma would play her own role in it.

Alma says: “The great thing about me is that I often realise where people stand within their journey, even before my human colleagues do. I sometimes take action before my human friends do anything. Fortunately, my colleagues understand that I am more sensitive than a person and I am granted the freedom to help you where necessary. I myself have no experience with the medicinal plants you use. The only medicinal plant I use is grass. But only if my stomach hurts. My buddy Jeroen has already used many types of medicinal plants. During those moments, I do not leave his side. I know I'll have to babysit him. During those journeys we often meet on a different vibration and in other dimensions.”


Jeroen Essers, hij begeleidt de meeste truffelceremonies

I have worked as a nurse in palliative care for ten years. Guiding people is the bulk of the work there. From traumas and unresolved emotions to fear of death or fears in general. The various training courses in, among other things, coaching and my experiences with various medicinal plants ensured that the first seed was planted. This slowly grew.

When I first came into contact with medicinal plants in 2015, I didn't know what hit me. Suddenly I understood life much better. Things fell into place. Traumas, which had hindered me for years, were resolved or I could cope with them better. Since then I have been undergoing a continuous growth process and enjoy it to the fullest. My life is literally getting more fun every year. Every journey I am allowed to make with the “Magic Truffles” and other medicinal plants, brings me closer to my own core and to the Higher Intelligence, The Source, God, Allah, Yahweh, Krishna, the Universe or whatever you want to call it… Give it the name that suits you, that resonates with you. It's all 1.

I was so impressed by the power of medicinal plants (Magic Truffles, LSA, Ayahuasca) that I knew I wanted to do something with this. Yet it took another 7 years before all the puzzle pieces fell into place and I started guiding people. First in the private sphere and now with Endless Transformation.

I think the best thing about guiding the guests at Endless Transformation is that the people who come to us consciously choose to work on themselves. Wanting to be honest with yourself and learning to look within. Wanting to gain insights into themselves and into situations. Wanting to resolve traumas and fears. Wanting to look at their relationships with the other and themselves so that they can be the best version of themselves. In addition, people often have mystical and spiritual experiences, which change their lives forever. After a ceremony, people indicate that they prefer to be in favour of themselves and experience more connection and unity. So, I see it as a great privilege that I can accompany people on this journey, this endless transformation, and that I can contribute to more light, love and unity in this world.

Be kind to yourself,

Jeroen Essers

Other team members

Besides Alma and Jeroen, a number of other people alternately work at Endless Transformation. These people all have experience in working with medicinal plants and in guiding people.