Frequently asked questions

What does a truffle ceremony entail?

The active substance in truffles is psilocybin, which is a hallucinogen. It provides a mind-expanding effect, aiding individuals in gaining insights into themselves, processing traumas, or facilitating healing. It serves to expand consciousness and raise one's frequency. Truffles act as healers, assisting you in resolving any blockages at any level.

What are the costs of a truffle ceremony?

At Endless Transformation, we primarily offer private ceremonies. This allows you to get the most out of the ceremony and delve deep into your journey. Upon request, people can book a duo or group ceremony with acquaintances. A private ceremony with us costs 350 euros. We have made an effort to keep the price as low as possible, making us one of the most affordable providers in the Netherlands. This is a deliberate choice aimed at making the healing journey accessible to as many people as possible.

Included in that amount are:
- Intake
- Assistance in setting goals, intentions, and addressing issues
- The truffles (dosage personalized to each individual)
- Guidance during the ceremony
- A warm vegan meal after the ceremony
- Follow-up discussion (via phone, email, or in-person)

How long should you refrain from driving after taking truffles?

Due to the potentially intense nature of the experience, we advise against driving on the same day. Therefore, we recommend arranging transportation such as being picked up, using public transportation, or booking a hotel or bed and breakfast.

What do truffles do to your brain?

The active compound in truffles and mushrooms is psilocybin, which is converted to psilocin in the brain. Psilocin fits perfectly into the serotonin receptors, resulting in a mind-expanding effect in the brain. This helps individuals gain insights into themselves, process traumas, or facilitate healing. It serves to expand consciousness and raise one's frequency. Truffles are healers. They assist you in resolving any blockages at any level.

What can truffles help you with? 

Truffles can assist you with:
Connecting with yourself
PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Support for addiction
Gaining more insight into your relationships
Processing trauma
Resolving the fear of death (in terminally ill individuals)
Addressing fears in general
Spiritual growth
Alleviating depressive symptoms (without medication)
Coping with burnout symptoms
Processing grief
Addressing issues related to intimacy/sexuality
Addressing feelings of loneliness
Breaking through feeling "stuck" in life
Wanting to connect with your higher self (or with the Source)

How do you prepare for a truffle ceremony?

Firstly, we ask you to fill out the intake form. Based on that, we will determine if you are suitable for a ceremony. If you are able to attend a ceremony, we ask you to write down questions, goals, and intentions beforehand. This way, you can enter the ceremony with a clear purpose.
A week prior to the ceremony, we ask you to refrain from using plant medicines (including micro-dosing). Regular use of plant medicines such as truffles, mushrooms, etc., can diminish the effectiveness of the truffles. Additionally, it is important to abstain from alcohol and drugs for 72 hours prior to the ceremony. Alcohol and drugs can increase the likelihood of having a challenging experience (bad trip).
We ask you to refrain from consuming sugar, including hidden sugars in items such as cookies, juices, etc., 24 hours prior to the ceremony. This is because sugar can affect the effectiveness of the truffles. On the day of the ceremony, we also request that you avoid consuming coffee. Additionally, we ask you not to eat anything for 4 hours before the ceremony to prevent nausea.

Wat is het verschil tussen truffels en paddo’s?

The main difference is that mushrooms grow above ground, while truffles grow underground. Both are fruiting bodies of the mycelium network, which exists underground. The mycelium network is a network of fungi that connects all plants and trees, and its magnificence is only now being recognized by humanity. In terms of their effects, mushrooms generally contain more psilocybin than truffles. Since truffles grow underground, they are not classified as mushrooms and are therefore legal in the Netherlands.

What does the term "plant medicine" refer to, and are truffles considered as such?

Plant medicines refer to all plants that have healing properties for humans or animals. Truffles, mushrooms, LSA, and ayahuasca are just a small part of this category. The common characteristic of the aforementioned plant medicines is that they all have mind-expanding effects.

What is the difference between ayahuasca and truffles?

Currently, there is a trend of truffle variant ceremonies that draw a connection to Ayahuasca. The active compound in Ayahuasca is DMT. This compound can only be activated in the body if you add an MAO inhibitor. An MAO inhibitor blocks the action of the MAO enzymes (monoamine oxidase enzymes). These enzymes typically prevent DMT from reaching the brain. Additionally, the MAO enzymes in the body rapidly break down neurotransmitters to maintain balance. Some individuals who experience excessive breakdown of neurotransmitters may be prescribed an MAO inhibitor by their doctor. When taking an MAO inhibitor with Ayahuasca or while using MAO-inhibiting medications, a specific diet must be followed.
The active compound in the truffles we work with is psilocybin. The body converts it into psilocin. Psilocin closely resembles the neurotransmitter serotonin and fits perfectly into the serotonin receptor. As a result, the brain functions differently. Everything, such as colors, music, touch, and emotions, is experienced more intensely. New connections are formed, and boundaries dissolve, leading to an expanded state of consciousness. You see the world through different eyes, which brings greater insights and clarity into the themes you want to work on. As mentioned above, no additional substances are needed to let the truffles do their work. They are perfect as they are. In fact, combining an MAO inhibitor with a substance that is already active on its own (such as truffles, LSA, Salvia, etc.) can be dangerous. It may lead to heart palpitations, spasms, and vomiting. 
Furthermore, Ayahuasca is prohibited in the Netherlands, although it is sometimes tolerated to some extent. On the other hand, truffles are completely legal.

How much does ayahuasca cost?

The prices of Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Netherlands are comparable to those of a truffle ceremony. So for a private Ayahuasca ceremony, you can expect to pay around 500 to 800 euros.

For a private truffle ceremony at Endless Transformation, the cost is 350 euros. We consciously choose to keep the price as low as possible to ensure accessibility for as many people as possible.

How can a private truffle ceremony be so affordable at Endless Transformation?

This is a personal choice of the founder, Jeroen Essers. Jeroen's mission is to provide as many people as possible with the opportunity to experience the healing and mystical journey of truffles. Jeroen prefers to offer two ceremonies at 350 euros each rather than one ceremony at 700 euros. He understands that even though his private ceremonies are among the most affordable in the Netherlands, 350 euros is still a significant amount of money. If he could have offered it for less, he certainly would have.