Magic truffles

Magic truffles

The active ingredient in the truffles is psilocybin and is a hallucinogen. Which provides a mind-altering effect. There are different types of truffles, each with a different strength. We also work with various types. Which one we use depends on the person and how much experience you have with psychedelics. If you take magic truffles for the first time and have no experience with other plant medicines and psychedelics, you will receive a light to normal dose. For this we use a less strong truffle than, for example, someone who has already had several experiences and consciously chooses to make a deeper journey. We distinguish between light, normal, heavy and heroic doses. Heroic dose is only possible in a private ceremony.

“Never have I experienced so much love as during my trip.”

De truffels die bij onze ceremonies in Nederland gebruikt worden

We work with pure truffles. At the moment you see many variant ceremonies that make a link with Ayahuasca. The active ingredient of Ayahuasca is DMT. This substance can only be activated in the body if you add an MAO inhibitor. An MAO inhibitor stops the action of the MAO enzyme (monoamine oxidase enzymes). This enzyme normally prevents the DMT from reaching the brain. In addition, the MAO enzyme in the body ensures a rapid breakdown of the neurotransmitters, in order to maintain the balance. People who break down too quickly are sometimes prescribed an MAO inhibitor by their doctor. Because you take an MAO-inhibitor with Ayahuasca or if you take MAO-inhibiting drugs, you will have to follow a diet. The active ingredient of the truffles we work with is psilocybin. The body converts this into the substance psilocin. Psilocin is similar to the neurotransmitter serotonin and fits perfectly into the serotonin receptor. This makes the brain work differently. Everything (such as colors, music, touch, feeling) is experienced more intensely. New connections are made and everything that was separated merges into each other, which has a mind-expanding effect. You will see the world with different eyes. This provides more insights and clarity into the themes you want to work on.

As stated above, you don't need any other additives to let the truffle do its job. They are perfect as they are. Worse, it can even make for a dangerous combination. An MAO inhibitor combined with a substance that is already active by itself (truffles, LSA, Salvia, etc.). You then run the risk of palpitations, spasms and vomiting. We therefore see no reason to work with MAO inhibitors. Also see: for whom.