Tripping every week?

Some people think that I am under the influence of mushrooms, truffles, LSA, or ayahuasca on a weekly basis. Nothing could be further from the truth! For me, a journey with plant medicines is a sacred matter that I approach with great respect. It is not something I casually undergo. I literally feel from within when I am "ready" for a truffleceremony. When I can delve deeper into resolving blockages and issues that no longer serve me. This means that sometimes I go months without undergoing a ceremony myself. In fact, if I decide (the ego) that it is time for a ceremony but the mushrooms or truffles disagree, I become physically nauseous and feel a strong resistance to taking any plant medicine.

People who, like me, have undergone multiple ceremonies with plant medicines understand when I say: the plant calls to me... I know it sounds vague, but that's how it works for me and for many of my friends. When that happens, I know that I will undergo another ceremony.

But don't you take a small dose of truffles when you guide someone? No, I don't take anything myself when I guide others. I know that some people do, and I understand why. However, I have become so connected to the energy of plant medicines and the guidance process that I can sense what is happening during a ceremony without ingesting anything myself.

A ceremony that I undergo personally continues to work within me for weeks. So if I were to take plant medicines on a weekly basis, I would disrupt the process that follows a ceremony and not allow it to properly integrate into my life.

Be light, be love.

Jeroen Essers