Connecting the dots.

When attending a truffle ceremony, it's beneficial to have an empty schedule in the days that follow. Even if you've had significant breakthroughs and received answers during the ceremony, the insights and connections are often made in the days that follow. This process can continue for weeks at times...

For me personally, the day when everything falls into place is the second day after the ceremony. That's also the day when I start writing down my ceremony experience. I call it "connecting the dots." Suddenly, I start seeing situations from my past, which didn't come up during the ceremony, in a different light. A ceremony can be hard work, but the real work begins afterward!

The image: A study has been conducted on the effect of connections made during the use of psilocybin, the active compound in truffles and mushrooms. On the left is the brain without psilocybin, and on the right is the brain with psilocybin.

Be light, be love